Sunday, November 8, 2009

It Always Comes Back to T-Shirts

I'm up to my eyeballs in research on Edgar Allen Poe. I want to do a good job preparing these lessons because a) I've never taught Poe before and b) Some of my students have told me they are looking forward to reading his works, and I don't want to disappoint them. Of course I keep thinking of the awesome Simpson's version of "The Raven." While I can mention it and maybe even show it, I think I need more than that. I've found some great ideas and biographical information on Poe, which is good, but as is so often the case, I end up at cool t shirt websites.

I love this Nevermore Raven, but I can't quite justify purchasing it to wear for only one school day a year.
I guess I'll just have to come up with a gangbuster lesson plan instead.


A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

I don't know. Actually I think you could justify the nevermore raven t-shirt. It's too perfect.

Ms. Yingling said...

I think The Raven can be sung to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic. How this is relevant to your post, I really don't know, but you might be able to have some fun with it. (And Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening can be sung to the tune of Hernando's Hideaway.)

Christine said...

Hooray for you, Ms. Yingling, as I am teaching both this year!