Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm No Ma Ingalls

We've been so busy with swim meets, evening walks, playing outside, and other reading that we took a break from our nightly reading of Little House in the Big Woods, but we are back to it. One night this week after a day spent at our local lake, we all met on my bed for a bit of the big woods. It was harvest time and ever-industrious Ma used the straw left over from the oat harvest to braid straw hats, for church and everyday use, for the Ingalls family. My eight year old daughter gave me a pointed look and said, "So she made her straw hat. Interesting." I believe she was trying to say something about the fact that I received half a dozen compliments on my new pink straw hat at the lake that day and told all complimenters that it came from a sale at the Sports Authority. Listen, I bake from scratch (usually); I'm not braiding hats too.

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