Monday, December 8, 2008

Raymond and Graham Rule the School

My kids and I needed a good book that they would all agree on for our nightly shared reading. Usually if a book is funny, they will all agree on it. I had heard about Raymond and Graham Rule the School by Mike Knudson and Steve Wilkinson a few months ago. It looked both good and funny so it would be perfect for us. Unfortunately, I had a hard time getting my hands on a copy. So, we read and enjoyed other books. Just as we finished one and planned to start reading a Christmasy chapter book, a copy of Raymond and Graham arrived for me at my library through an interlibrary loan. Since it is pretty short (136 pages) we decided to read it before the Christmas book. No one regrets the decision! What a fun book this is!
Best friends Raymond and Graham have been waiting for the fourth grade, their turn to rule East Millcreek Elementary School, for years. Only it doesn't turn out to be quite the perfect year they had imagined. There is an accidentally shaved off eyebrow, an embarrassing role in the school's production of A Christmas Carol, and a weekend of diarrhea brought on by way too much prune eating. Not surprisingly, the diarrhea humor was a big hit with my boys. My daughter chuckled along too and was inspired to read a picture book version of Dickens' A Christmas Carol. The chapter we are currently on, "A Sick Plan" involves Raymond attempting to catch a cold from a sick girl in his class. It is revoltingly hilarious.
I have a sense that the next book in the series, Raymond and Graham:Dancing Dudes, would be a welcome find under the Christmas tree for any one of my kids.

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