Saturday, September 11, 2010

Too Busy To Read or Dust

Jill Stuart's The Tower, The Zoo, and The Tortoise has been sitting on my nighttable doing what most things in my house do- collect dust. Do you mind dusting? I despise it. I would rather scrub toilets or sort laundry anyday. Back to the book, it is my book club's pick for this month although our meeting has been pushed from September 23 into October because September is so busy for everyone. Thank goodness everyone else is busy too. I am drowning in school forms, fall sports registrations, homework, internet, and behavior "contracts" my kids and I need to sign, as well as grading and lesson plans for my own students. Who has time to read? But the book, albeit a bit dusty, sits by my bed. My children have asked me when I plan to start reading it to them. The cover illustration makes it look like a children's story and they thought I had chosen it for a family read aloud. I am beginning to feel like they will be adults by the time I find time for nightly reading again!


Lawyer Mom said...

Well, do fill us in when you've read it.

I just finished "Beat the Reaper" and baby, it was FABULOUSO.

A mobster "turns state's evidence" and goes into the witness protection program. He becomes a doctor.

And that's all I can say.


Unknown said...

Hi, I'd love to send you a book for consideration. Its an adventure novel for kids- age 7-15.

Thank you!

M said...

I'd like to "follow" your blog but I don't see the widget for it.

I also love to read, and have two children who love it as well. I have a blog and a facebook page for my personal reading progress, as well as a Facebook book club.