Friday, May 30, 2008


Just as you should always keep an emergency twenty in your wallet, tissues in your purse, and a first aid kit in your car, if you are the parent of children between four and ten years of age, you should always have a Geronimo Stilton book with you. It may just be a lifesaver, or at least a boredom buster. For instance, yesterday when one child had a guitar lesson, another one read Geronimo Stilton Field Trip to Niagara Falls to a third child in the waiting room. When Child #1 came out, and Child #2 went in for a piano lesson, Child #1 did not get the chance to say, "This is boring." I handed him the book, and he was chuckling in no time.
These engaging books about a mild mannered mouse named Geronimo Stilton who has many varied adventures are more chapter book than comic book, but they are chock full of engaging illustrations, interesting fonts, fast plots, and outrageous characters. Originally published in Italy, there are now more than 30 Geronimo Stilton books, and they have been translated into 35 languages. Some popular titles in our household are The Mouse Island Marathon, The Phantom of the Subway, and The Wild, Wild West.
One nice feature for the adult who reads these aloud ( in our case, my husband, nightly, to our five year old)- the chapters are very short. When a child begs for just one more chapter, you can easily indulge him or her.

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