Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A is for Annabelle

This week I bought a copy of Tasha Tudor's beautiful picture book A is for Annabelle for my friend Marjorie and the baby girl she is expecting. Although my daughter and I each have a copy at home, I got a little thrill just holding Marjorie's new copy. My grandmother gave me this book when I was a little girl (paperback cover price $1.50), and I adored the rhymes: "A is for Annabelle Grandmother's doll. B for her box on the chest in the hall." The delicate and deliciously girly illustrations of Annabelle and the girls who play with her captivated me as they still do my eight year old daughter Hayden. It is an alphabet book which catalogues many of Annabelle's possessions. N is for her nosegay and p is for her parasol, for example. I'm all for books about girl power and girl athletes and women politicians, but I will always keep the fondest place in my book loving heart for this old fashioned charmer. I hope Marjorie and her daughter will spend as many cozy times reading this book together as Hayden and I did.

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Ka said...

Another great book for an expected Mother is "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch and Sheila McGraw. When I first got the book, I thought it was strange seeing the pictures of this lady holding her son from birth until he was married! But, what a wonderful message ... that no matter how old you are your Mother's love will always be the same.

You have a great blog going, especially for it's "infancy" stage.

Good luck with it, Karen