Friday, September 12, 2008

Capital Mysteries

It was not my intention to keep blogging about kids' books that have to do with politics. Then again, it was never my intention to drive a minivan, carry a purse filled with snacks and tissues for other people, or get gray hair. Things happen. I've decided just to go with it. After I wrote about Duck for President, MadLibs for President, and the picture books about Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain, an acquaintance strongly suggested that I check out Ron Roy's Capital Mysteries series. Roy is the author behind the popular A to Z mysteries series. Like the A to Z books, the Capital mysteries (the Capital being Washington, DC) are written on about a second grade reading level. On a recent trip to the bookstore, I looked at Who Cloned the President?, the first in the series. As my older children had enjoyed a few of the A to Z books and they like mysteries, I was willing to give it a try. I showed it to them. Nobody showed any interest in reading it. So for now, our family's big Capital mystery is who will be moving into the White House in January.

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