Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Scholastic Book Order!

My kids came home from school this week with their first Scholastic book order forms of the year. Can there be any more satisfying retail experience than poring over the choices, filling out the order form, and having a brand new book come home in your backpack a few weeks later? And for parents, it's a win-win. Placing an order gets a book in their children's hands and helps the school or classroom earn books.We looked over the forms, no one has made any final decisions about purchases, but we agree that the best bargain on offer is Barbara Robinson's The Best Halloween Ever for only one dollar! It is a funny chapter book featuring the trouble making Herdman family from Robinson's stellar The Best Christmas Ever. If you haven't read that one, no matter what your age, don't worry; I'll be recommending it again in December, I'm sure. Hopefully Scholastic will have that on offer for a dollar then because it makes a great little gift.

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