Monday, March 9, 2009

The New Jersey Juice Bag Junket

My husband was in Boston this weekend for a much deserved guys' weekend away. I believe the trip earned its own name. Pub Crawl 2009. Not to be outdone, I decided to name my weekend home with the kids. I was chauffeur and activities director of the Great New Jersey Juice Bag Junket of 2009. It included play dates, carpooling, some other kid's bowling party, a playground visit, shoe shopping, and a boys' ice hockey game. The kids and I did make it to Borders to buy the new 39 Clues book (which my ten year old is really enjoying) and our weekend was alcohol free, but otherwise I bet the New Jersey Juice Bag Junket and the Boston Pub Crawl 2009 had a few things in common- overpriced and spilled drinks, inappropriate humor, loud places where one needed to shout to be heard, sticky tabletops, the consumption of bar finger food by the pub crawlers and too much eating with their fingers by the junketeers, and a splitting headache at the end of it all.

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