Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What to Read First? Brodeur or Burt?

I like my ten year old son to read the sports page of the newspaper. It is some of the best writing around- colorful, detailed, and action packed, Sports stories often open with the most engaging lead sentences in the paper. That's a skill I know elementary school teachers are trying to develop in young writers headed into statewide tests with essays: grab your readers' interest early. When recounting exciting athletic feats, sports writers make great use of literary devices including metaphors, similes, allusions, and even onomatopoeia (what would March Madness be without some "swishes" ?). So when I read a good story or something historic happens in sports, particularly ice hockey, I save a copy of the article for Aaron This morning I picked up a New Jersey newspaper for him because Martin Brodeur, goalie for my son's beloved NJ Devils, broke Patrick Roy's record to become the winningest goalie in NHL history last night. I left it on the kitchen table for him to find when he gets home from school. It's the ideal way to inspire him to spend some time with good writing. Midday I received an email from the wonderfully organized manager of Aaron's own ice hockey team. An article about the team he plays for ran in our local paper. You know the kind of local I mean. It's printed twice a week and runs stories about Brownie troops and goings on at the local senior center. But it's ink about his team and it includes a photo. So I picked up a copy of that paper too while doing errands. Both are waiting on the kitchen table. Which do you think he'll read first?

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