Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great Moments in Book Talks

My eight year old daughter has been reading and enjoying Cornelia Funke's Inkheart for several weeks now. She carried it down to the school bus stop this morning in order to read it on her bus ride. She happily told me of her plans to renew it today at the school library and check out a different Cornelia Funke book, Inkdeath. She also thinks there is another title, maybe Inkspell, she said. "What's that? Inksmell?" asked one of my sons. "No, that would be Inkfart!" You'd think Eddie Murphy or Robin Williams was walking among us from the way they laughed. "Wait, before the guys farts, it's called Inkswell!" "If he gets possessed by the devil, it's Inkhell!" More guffawing from the kings of comedy. I doubt my daughter will be starting up a book club with those two anytime soon. To her credit, she just gave them a withering look and continued telling me about the story of Meggie and her father who have the ability to read a book aloud and make the characters come to life.

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