Monday, August 11, 2008

Alien Abduction!

One day last week, as my children and I drove from errand to errand, it was nothing but the constant kvetch I hear in my sleep and will most likely still hear in the grave: "It's not fair!" That particular day's injustice was that my daughter went to see WALL-E in the movie theater with a friend several weeks earlier and my sons still haven't been to see it. "It's not fair. It's probably going to be gone from the theaters soon! You promised. Wah! Wah! Wah!" Soon after I loudly declared something along the lines of "tough luck," we were in a Borders bookstore picking up a present. I must have zoned out in the cookbook section and someone abducted my sons and replaced them with alien mutant android clones! There is no other explanation for what I heard the older one say. "This is even better! Mom, can we buy this WALL-E book? I promise I'll read it to Ethan." Can we? For $3.99, I bought the book, ended the kvetching (that day's at least), and saved probably 30 bucks and 3,000 calories in admission and buttered popcorn. It's more than 72 hours later and the alien clone boy is finished with the book and willing to settle for renting the movie when it shows up at Blockbuster.

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