Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Aidan!

I have one nephew who is also my godson. He is funny, athletic, smart, kind, enthusiastic, sometimes silly, and always a joy to know. Today is his ninth birthday. I gave him a few books at his christening with a note saying that I planned to give him one hundred books by his tenth birthday. So far I've given him 87. (I have a list to keep track.) Here are a few of my favorite titles from the last nine years:
  • Mr. Brown Can Moo
  • Wrapping Paper Romp
  • Z is for Zamboni
  • Flat Stanley
  • Toilets, Telephones, and Other Useful Inventions
  • The Legend of Spud Murphy

I don't know for sure what books I'm going to include with his birthday gift this year. Luckily, I have a nine year old of my own to advise me as I shop. What I do know is that it's been awfully fun knowing this great kid for the last nine years!

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