Friday, August 15, 2008

Keeping it in the Water

Our nightly ritual of reading a book aloud together has fallen off lately. I'm still reading a picture book to Ethan before bed each evening while the older kids read to themselves in bed, but since we finished Little House in the Big Woods, we haven't started a new book together. Summer activities that run until bedtime, and now the Michael Phelps-a-thon, that is the Olympics, have otherwise occupied us. The older kids have been asking when I would read to them again, so I decided to pick something short and hopefully interesting.
Last night (in the twenty minutes before the prime time Olympic coverage began), we met on my bed and began Dick King-Smith's The Water Horse. I know it was released as a movie last year, but we never saw it. So far we know that it is set by the sea in Scotland in 1930. A girl named Kirstie and her younger brother Angus find something like a giant mermaid's purse washed up on shore and bring it home to their bathtub to see if it will hatch. With mystery and water and well drawn characters, all three kids are hooked and looking forward to tonight's installment.

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