Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Here's A Little Trick I Picked Up At The Doctor's Office

One morning last week I had to pick my daughter up from school and bring her to the doctor's office. Her teacher had accidentally poked her in the eye. Normally, a long stretch of time in the waiting room sees Hayden reading a book or Highlights magazine and me furiously catching up on what's happening with Brad, Angelina, Britney and the rest of the gang in People magazine. However, since Hayden's eye was hurting from the poke and swelling from the subsequent crying, she asked me to read to her. The Hollywood scuttlebutt didn't seem appropriate, so I read to her from a parenting magazine, the kind with lots of ideas for crafts that I could never complete and healthy recipes my kids would laugh (or cry) at. Hayden is much craftier in the pipecleaner and glue sense than I am, so she loved it. We read the coolest article with camera tricks- easy but impressive ones. Our favorite recommends putting colored Post It notes in front of the flash of your camera and snapping for cool colored effects. We only have yellow Post Its at our house, but we have tons of flyers sent home from school printed on obnoxiously bright paper. Once home from the doctor and pharmacy, we cut a bunch of those flyers into little squares to tape in front of my camera's flash and got down to experimenting. My five year old, as you can see from the pictures, loved being our model. It helped us happily pass what could have been a miserable afternoon. We've got big plans to take some spooky Halloween pictures with our new trick.

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