Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where Are The Deer?

I woke up this morning to seven deer munching on my back lawn. I stood at my kitchen window for a few minutes before one lifted her head and seemed to look right at me. She had a great big yellow leaf stuck to the side of her mouth. She put her head down, munched a little more, and looked up again. The leaf was still on her face. If it were a group of seven dogs, I totally could have imagined one of her companions to be like, "Betty, you got a little something" and indicate her face. None of the deer did, even in my imagination. Which is why when I mentioned anthropomorphism and children's books, I didn't have any examples of deer as protagonists. Lots of dogs, cats, bears, monkeys, turtles, and other animals came to mind, but no deer other than Rudolph.

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