Monday, October 20, 2008

This Hockey Mom's List of Hockey Books

The NHL season is on, college hockey starts soon, my nine year old son's squirt level hockey team has its first league game of the season this Saturday, and hockey moms are all over the news lately, hence this list. These are five hockey books we enjoy:

1. Z is for Zamboni: A Hockey Alphabet This is a wonderfully illustrated alphabet book with rhymes for each letter, such as "Puck begins with the letter P black rubber to the core. It's what the players try to shoot past the red goal line to score." For older readers there is much sidebar information on the history, rules, and culture of the game.

2. Hockey in Action by Niki Walker and Sarah Dann is part of the Sports in Action series which is an easy to follow primer on the sport of ice hockey, suitable for elementary school age readers.

3. Hockey for Dummies by John Davidson with John Steinbreder. You've seen the For Dummies series with their distinctive yellow and black covers. I have found this to be a very useful reference book on a sport that I had little experience with before my child began playing it. My children do wonder why someone would carry around a book that advertises its holder is a dummy.

4. and 5. Ice Magic and Wingman on Ice by Matt Christopher. These sports chapter books are great for second through fifth graders interested in sports in general or hockey in particular.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christine! Nice list. You're all linked up at my site. And FYI, if you want just the smaller badge, you have to retype the code that is actually in the image (the part that is enclosed within carets <>). I've got to figure out an easier way to do this, I know! I'm working on it.

Becky said...

Very timely! And I had no idea there were so many books about hockey for kids. But I guess it's not as huge here in Atlanta?

Christine said...

Becky-that is the tip of the ice rink. There are dozens of hockey books for kids out there.