Monday, November 10, 2008

Ursus Non Grata

I am done posting about books with bears in them. Goodbye, Paddington! Sayonara, Corduroy! And hey, Berenstain Family, don't let the door hit you in your hindquarters on the way out! Three weeks ago, a mother black bear and her three cubs went through my garbage cans that were out to be collected. It was a few days after we had enjoyed Taco Night so you can imagine how fun the clean up was! On Election Night, as my husband and I sat watching the red and blue states come in, we heard a horrific bang on our garage door. My husband went onto our porch and saw a huge bear trying to get in. Then this morning he noticed a bear in the yard as he was about to put out the garbage before work. The bear went up a tree, apparently waiting for us to deliver its snack. Several weeks ago I posed the question, "Is Stephen Colbert reading thebookbench?" Who knows? But I think the black bears of northern New Jersey are. They got the (mistaken) impression that since we welcome literary bears, we'd welcome them. We don't. It's November 10; go into hibernation already! For my part, I'm done blogging about bears.

But let me just squeeze this in quick. I recently had to buy a present for a baby shower and purchased two family favorites that include adorable bears. If you are looking for a great board book to wrap up with a baby shower gift, here are two.

Jamberry written and illustrated by Bruce Degen joins a boy and a rhyme spouting bear on a delightful berry collection.

Teddy Bears' Picnic illustrated by Bruce Whatley and featuring a bear on the cover who bears (no pun intended) a remarkable resemblance to Jerry Garcia. It's perfect to read or sing to tired little teddy bears.

That's it now, bears. Show's over. I'm done writing about you. Stay away from my yard. please.


Z-Kids said...

I love Jamberry! Probably my favorite text of any book.

Sorry about your hungry bear invasions... I can't help but notice that in addition to bears, the two books you mention both involve food as well. And come to think of it, every book about bears that immediately pops to mind does: Red Ripe Strawberry, Bear Wants More, Visitor for Bear, ...even Goldilocks.

Z- Dad

Sherry said...

Bears are nice . . . in books. THey should stay in books, or in the high mountains away from people. Or maybe people should stay away from bears. I don't know.

shelburns said...

Jamberry is a great read! I hate to hear about all your bear troubles. Hope they go into hibernation least for your sake.

Karen said...

I did not know there are bears in New Jersey. Thanks for the book recommendations!

Corey Schwartz said...

Wow! Scary. I'm in Jersey too, but so thankful now we picked Central.

Two other great bear stories that come in board books are Jez Alborough's "Where's My Teddy." And my all-time favorite "Bear Snores On"