Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Know, I Know, It's Not Called The Movie Bench

This past weekend, I went to see "Earth" with my sons. I like animals and I recycle and try to be green, but nobody would accuse me of being a tree -hugging Green Peacer. Therefore, I didn't know if "Earth" would keep my attention. Holy humpback whales, did it ever! It's fantastic, and we all loved it. I was a bit worried that my six year old son was bored midway through when he leaned to me and whispered, "I like to look up famous things and stuff on Google." I was all, "Welcome to America. Join the club. Now look, at what that wolf is about to do." He went on, "Daddy helps me Google." And again, I answered along the lines of, "Fantastic, Mr. Non-sequitir. Wow! Check out all those caribou!" And then he whispered, "Can we Google all these animals and places when we get home?" Oh, now I got it. That was the effect of "Earth" on all three of us. We were so interested we wanted to know more. The BBC and Disney put out one heck of a documentary with this one. Often when I enjoy a movie, I tell people it's good, but you can wait until it's a rental and watch it at home. Not this one. Its sweeping aerial views of the Kalahari, the Himalayas, the Arctic Circle and so on ought to be viewed on a big, big screen. An added bonus: "Earth" is narrated by James Earl Jones, aka Darth Vader to my sons. That made for some silly rewrites on the car ride home such as "Luke, I am your elephant!" Go see the movie, but don't feel envious of my drive home.

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Corinne said...

lol you guys are all so funny! "luke i am your elephant" tee hee!