Friday, January 16, 2009

Foodie Friday on an Empty Stomach

If you came in search of a Foodie Friday suggestion, I've got nothing for you. It's been a hectic week around here. The precious little time I've had to devote to picture books has been spent selecting something to read as Guest Reader in my daughter's third grade classroom this afternoon. It was very nice of her teacher to invite me, but I only had a few days' heads up. What to read? What to read? I decided to go presidential with the Inauguration just days away. I chose Jean Fritz's Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln and Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin's Duck for President. Most of today was spent running errands and dashing through the frigid air here in the northeast. Four degrees Fahrenheit this morning! What is that? Anyway, I forgot to eat lunch. I have a friend whose husband tells her it takes a "special kind of stupid" to forget to eat a meal. He's right, and the growlings of my gut as I read to the third graders proved it. Fortunately, or mercifully, they laughed harder at Duck than they did at my stomach's musical stylings. I hope to have a great Foodie Friday book to share next week. See you then!

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