Saturday, January 31, 2009

P.G. Wodehouse Anyone?

Have you ever read anything by P.G. Wodehouse, or Plum, as he was known to his friends? I have not. I was dimly aware that he was a British humorist, but that knowledge comes more from attempting crossword puzzles than from reading his works. For whatever reason, his name keeps popping up in my reading lately. First, he was mentioned in a kidlit blog I recently visited. According to the Daily Beast interview I mentioned here on Thursday, Daniel Radcliffe is currently reading a lot of Wodehouse, and in Life With My Sister Madonna by Christopher Ciccone (Hey, hey, hey, don't get all judgemental with me! I just finished Toni Morrison's A Mercy, and everyone knows that one Toni Morison or David McCulloch book completed entitles the reader to one free unauthorized celebrity biography. It's very similar to the mathematical equation that states that ten minutes read of The Economist in a doctor's waiting room =ten minutes with People or Us Weekly magazine.), Christopher Ciccone refers to himself as Jeeves to Madonna's Bertie Wooster, both Wodehouse characters, I believe. So, to those of you who answered yes at the beginning of this paragraph, should I read some Wodehouse, and if so, what?


Ginny Marie said...

I've read a couple of the Wooster and Jeeves books. They have a wry sense of humor, and are a lot of fun! Any would be good to read. (The TV series from PBS is also very entertaining. Hugh Laurie from House plays Wooster.)

Christine said...

Thanks! I think Hugh Laurie is great. Maybe I'll try to get a hold of the PBS series first.

Becky said...

Ooh, we love Jeeves and Wooster. But the way we "read" them was by getting the audiobooks. A lot of them are short stories, and they're perfect for listening. Very funny!

Prem Rao said...


Take my word for it, you simply have to read Wodehouse. His writing is for me the greatest stress buster.

I have a post on my blog about Wodehouse which I hope you will enjoy.