Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Struggle with Six-Word Writing

Smith, the online magazine, has issued another six word memoir book. This one, Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak is out just in time for Valentine's Day. It is inexpensive and easy to read with a good 500 six-word memoirs on affairs of the heart. Two of my favorites:
Not always perfect, but so worthwhile.
We were our own Springer episode.
I've been thinking about these six-word memoirs a lot lately. I thought it would be fun to write one about my husband and/or marriage as a Valentine's gift, but that turns out to be impossible. He's great. The marriage is wonderful, but I just keep coming up empty. I am consoling myself on this failure by saying that he and I are too complex and our love too large to pin down in six words. I have, however, composed a few about motherhood. They came. They cried. They captivated and Loud, sticky, hectic, overwhelming, fuzzy bliss.
After that little exercise, I tried penning a six-word summary of the book I most recently finished reading, the superfun YA Book, Swim the Fly by Don Calame. It goes like this: Some swimming. Much teenage boy hilarity.
If you are inspired to write your own six-word composition, I would love to read it in the comments section.

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on my new job:
less time off, more bling bling!

for me and ana:
stuff of life: robes, naps, pedicures

the burts in new york:
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