Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Best Morning Ever

Around 9:30 am, my five year old son Ethan announced that he was having "the best morning ever!" His summer vacation has begun while his older siblings were still in school. The best morning ever included drinking a YooHoo in the living room (with a warning to keep that on the qt) and being read to from The Avengers: The Dream Team. I just don't get it. The YooHoo, yes, but not the superheroes. I can admire Storm, Iron Man, the Hulk and the others' colorful costumes (outfits? uniforms?) and their powers, but the plots all seem the same to me. Not Ethan. He loves to hear the stories, retell them, and act them out. Even though I'd much prefer a good picture book read with him, I'm happy to share our morning with Marvel comics because I love to see my little boy so engaged by any book. And if I'm willing to provide more YooHoo, and play the role of Giant Girl in a reenactment, this might be the best afternoon ever (for Ethan).

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