Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Library Peeves

I love the public library! I love them in general, and I love the one here in my town. The library is the greatest thing since sliced bread or maybe the wheel. It's the bomb. It's all that and a bag of chips. However, you run certain risks when checking books out of the library. For instance, last night I finally got all the kids in bed. I picked up the disaster area which is my home. I folded a load of laundry. I put on my pajamas and curled up in bed with my reward- the excellent book I recently got from the library. I'm very into this book. Things were cruising along great until page 182. That is when pages 183, 184, 185, and 186 went AWOL. Aaargh! Is anything worse than that? I mean other than those mysterious stains on the pages of library books that make you read really fast past them while thinking, "Please be spaghetti sauce!"

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