Monday, June 2, 2008

Equal Time

Yesterday I wrote about books to give as gifts to school age girls. I figure today I should mention a few books we've recently given to my nine year old son's friends. We've given a lot of Matt Christopher sports books over the last few years. These chapter books, aimed at boys from grades two through six, just about always have a lot of action and a male protagonist who loves a sport and faces some dilemma. While there are several baseball, football, basketball, and soccer books to choose from, less mainstream sports are written about as well, including, mountain biking, skateboarding, dirt biking, and, very popular in my house, ice hockey.

Dan Gutman's My Weird School series is an easy and fun read for boys from first through third grade. Actually, my daughter got us started on these at the beginning of her first grade year. Who can resist titles like Miss Daisy is Crazy and Mr. Klutz is Nuts?

We've also given a number of Eoin Colfer's books in the last year or so, as well as checking them out of the library for ourselves. No one in my house has yet read his immensely popular Artemis Fowl books because I think they look too challenging, but we love The Legend of Spud Murphy andThe Legend of Captain Crow's Teeth, written for a younger audience, more like grades two to four. I can't recommend Spud Murphy highly enough. It is about a pair of high energy brothers whose parents decide they need to spend their summer days in the local library in order to stay out of trouble. Once there, they come face to face with the feared and legendary children's librarian, Spud Murphy. Lessons are learned, and much fun is had in between the covers of this one.

Here's another great thing about giving boys books as gifts- they're much easier to wrap than basketballs and hockey sticks.

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