Monday, June 30, 2008

A dirty book is rarely dusty.

How true that aphorism is in our house! We don't have many (any) actually dirty books in our house, but scatologically humorous ones abound. Dav Pikey's Captain Underpants books are immensely popular with my kids and their friends. We've checked a book out from the library a few times about a farting dog who uses his gas heroically. Believe me, they do not sit lonely and unopened on the book bench awaiting return to the library. I bring this up because I have been trying to do some phonics work this summer with my son who will enter kindergarten in September. It is not going as easily as it did with his older siblings and he does not particularly enjoy those ten or fifteen minute interruptions in his summer days. However, he can spell "poop" and "gas" although many common sight words elude him. A joke about peeing in the grass made him actually fall down on the ground laughing this weekend. Am I crazy to consider slipping some bathroom euphemisms into our daily "word work"?

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