Thursday, June 5, 2008

You Gotta Be Kidding!

When writing about books my son has given as gifts, I forgot to mention one of the best little books my son has ever received. It is called You Gotta Be Kidding! created by Randy Horn with Stephanie Ring and Marissa Fierz. It contains 304 "Would you rather.." type questions. For example, would you rather be known as a thief or a liar? There is one question on each page, accompanied by sidebar information. That particular question is partnered with facts about physical clues that might reveal a person is lying.
From what I've read, the book has been adapted from a popular board game. I'm sure playing it is fun, but a pocket sized book filled with these ethical, hygienic and thought-provoking dilemmas has provided us with plenty of entertainment. My son and his siblings and friends have had hours and hours of fun with this book. It has made many a car trip and school bus ride fly by. I know they really like the disgusting questions such as "Would you rather let someone sneeze directly into your open mouth OR have someone clean your ear with his tongue?" What I really like is when they close the book and pose questions of their own creation.
This one makes a great stocking stuffer or birthday gift, but would also be great for a kid who has a hospital stay in his future or a long road trip ahead. I can even imagine a teacher or camp counselor (who is not afraid to discuss bodily fluids) using You Gotta Be Kidding! for icebreaker and conversation starting ideas.

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